• NCT publication Jan 2015

    Habits - and how to break them!

    Chances are, you didn't purposefully set out to be in the situation you are in. So how DID you end up in a situation you are unhappy about? That's right....habits. You got busy with a new job and felt you could only find time to eat on the go. Or one day you chose not to exercise, or meditate, or whatever gives you stress relief, and that turned in to two days, a week, a month. And now here you are, shoulders up to your ears, back in knots, and yelling at the kids. But the good news is they aren't really that hard to break, and it's not that hard to form new, good ones. It only takes 30 da[...]

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  • NCT publication Oct 2014

    Work-life Balance - a coaching perspective

    This is the second of a series of articles for Babble which I hope you will enjoy and find useful. Whose life is it anyway? It’s Monday morning and you’re on the tube and someone pushes into you & treads all over your lovely new shoes – arghh!! I don’t normally SHOUT at people I’ve never met, but sometimes I DO, and very loudly! This poor person looked at me and my 5 foot 1 inch frame in alarm & was rendered speechless! (Either that, or was deciding whether or not to punch me… I rapidly moved down the carriage after my outburst). Or perhaps you are late for a Doctor[...]

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  • NCT publication July 2014

    Considering a return to work or career change? How a coaching mind-set can help you “have it all” and feel good about it!

    I’m Caz Hawley and I moved to the Ealing area a couple of years ago and previously lived in Chiswick. I used to volunteer with Chiswick & Hammersmith NCT, and think it’s a fabulous organisation and valuable support when you’re in the throes of parenthood and the huge change and transition this brings with it. I’m a qualified Business & Personal coach, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching accredited with Chester University, and I work across a variety of sectors and with all kinds of people. “The only thing that is constant is change” said Heraclitus.Sometimes cha[...]

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  • “…it soon became apparent that Carolyn was not a typical HR person, but someone who had a much deeper understanding ...

    Stephen A Hermeston, Manager & Principal, Jaguar Ventures LLC, 

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  • “Carolyn built the HR function, took the initiative and always provided sound HR advice and leadership. She regula...

    Client, Oil & Gas Industry, 

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  • “Coaching with Caz has increased my self-motivation and I am thinking more positively. Remembering positive experi...

    1:1 Client, 

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  • “As Senior HR Business Partner, Carolyn supported our Aberdeen office and other North West Europe operational area...

    John Scrimgeour, Executive Director of the Aberdeen Institute of Energy, University of Aberdeen

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  • “Carolyn always displayed strong customer service alongside a strong work ethic. You could rely on her for informa...

    Zoe Marshall, HR Advisor at URBN UK LImited

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  • “I worked with Carolyn at Carlsberg when she was International HR Manager in Copenhagen. She was always profession...

    Hege Aamotsmo, SVP Human Resources at Orkla Confectionery

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  • “Caz has been my ‘co-coach’ since the start of 2010 – regularly helping me to assess where I am ...

    Paulette Campbell, Area Manager at North Wales Housing

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  • “Carolyn coached me with an issue in 2007. She worked with me through a very searching exercise to see how I was s...

    Dorothy Betts, Business & Personal Coaching

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